Bruce & Bruce

Bruce & Bruce

Brand Identity & Website Design for one of the founding actuarial consulting firms

About this Project

Caol has refreshed the brand identity & website design for the leading actuarial consulting firm Bruce & Bruce, a child company of Elco Mutual. To redesign the firm's identity, Caol worked with now-company president Silvio Rodia to refresh an identity mostly overlooked. Initial soft attempts at rebranding had taken place internally. Still, Silvio considered a fresh perspective valuable for a successful new identity design.

For this project, Caol worked with long-time company actuaries to achieve a tone of voice for the brand identity. Bruce & Bruce's team of actuaries was already hard at work on a new mission statement, which would inform the site's language and other visual elements of the brand.

The new identity visualizes a monogram mark with two interlocking uppercase B characters. Each B is custom lettered to enhance the types' spacial properties and achieve this interlocking style with optimal effect and easily discernible across various viewing circumstances.

The new Bruce & Bruce monogram mark takes inspiration from brand refreshes like Rolls Royce and Warner Brothers. The identity is given its history in a classic, deep-aged navy that pairs with a vibrant cyan/green, a digital blue, and a dandelion yellow. In a later conversation, it was revealed that many of the office furniture fabric patterns and decor were consistent with the new brand colors, which was met with an enthusiastic reaction from the workers and staff. Some things are just meant to be.

The design process included extensive mockups that helped visualize new branding assets. These mockups enabled revisions that ensured the logo looked best in its final settings.

Accompanying the identity role out included a newly designed website experience that livens the company's structure, services, teams, and functions overview. The new Webflow website incorporates the recently developed logo, brand colors, and typography.

The new Bruce & Bruce identity finally gives the company, well known in their respective industry as a leading founder, the distinguished representation it has earned and characterizes nearly 100 years of industry leadership.

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