Launch website for the Jamestown jewelry company

About this Project

Caol and the Nimble team collaborated with Kate Petrie in preparation for her jewelry launch at the annual RISD Craft show. Kate was eager to introduce Festoon Jewelry, her collection of bee-inspired interchangeable linking pieces. Each Festoon link features a unique pendant shaped like a daisy, buttercup, or bee, attached to a sterling silver link. These links can be connected to form an endless array of necklace variations. As Kate prepared to sell her festoons, she needed a compelling landing page to showcase the jewelry and bring in orders. This is where Caol and the Nimble team stepped in.

The design of Festoon Jewelry pieces was one-of-a-kind, requiring a bit of instruction to fully grasp their functionality. Caol saw the website as an ideal platform to not only present her products but also provide an engaging user experience that would demonstrate how the pieces work. Additionally a careful product page layout would enable customers to place orders with ease of understanding.

With their professional expertise and friendly approach, Caol and the Nimble team were ready to bring Kate's vision to life. Together, they set out to create a website that would showcase the brand, exhibit the stunning Festoon Jewelry pieces, highlight their unique features through interactive user experiences, and seamlessly facilitate post-show orders.

The website skillfully incorporated Festoon's brand colors, and Caol selected distinct fonts that beautifully complemented the company's airy and luxurious aesthetic. The final website design consisted of several pages, featuring prominent imagery blocks and concise, elegant text for a seamless and sophisticated user experience.

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