Got Light

Got Light

Brand Identity

Brand Identity refresh for San Francisco’s premiere event lighting company

About this Project

Got Light brings visionary lighting experiences to their San Francisco Bay community clients, brightening-up tech fundraisers, galas, and high-profile weddings. Owner and Co-Founder Jon Retsky believed the brand was becoming stale and needing a brand refresh that adhered to a similar framework but evoked elements of the identity to be seen in new ways.

Caol was tasked with refreshing the Got Light identity look and feel without straying too far from the concept of the existing identity. Jon was inspired by rebrands such as Instacart and Boom and wanted to achieve a similar brand refresh. A collection of concepts was produced to get a better sense of direction, giving Jon a spectrum of refresh intensity to select from. Providing this range of concepts enabled Caol and Jon to have meaningful conversations about what worked, what didn't, and why. This engagement helped Caol produce logo concepts that targeted Jon's expectations.

After some creative revisions, the final concept was a combination mark that repurposed a lowercase g character as a lightbulb with the descender of the g reworked as the cap of the bulb. Following some discussion, the shape was further abstracted to be more letter-like, and an implied stem for the character was included in the form of a dot, hovering where the top of the stem would be located.

This bulb mark was combined with the Got Light name mark in lowercase, set in Okta Neue, with unique custom properties and alterations to the crossbar of the "t" characters.

From the start, Caol and Jon aligned in the philosophy of color use in branding and what the influence of color in the redesign should convey. This understanding from the project's onset enabled Caol to test color choices in early concepts, and pitch Got Light an exciting color palette with examples of use cases.

The new identity features a modern look with a visual coherency to its predecessor. The identity pops with a new color treatment that matches the energy of the Got Light family and the exciting services they offer.

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