Wylie Baker

Wylie Baker

Website Design

Website Design for a leading land & estate law firm in Wyoming

About this Project

Wylie Baker is a Law Firm in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, specializing in land & estate use and transactions. Fellow visual creative Rachel Robinson approached Caol to execute recently drafted wireframes for a new single-page landing page.

Rachel initially worked with Wylie Baker to design their modern, outdoor-inspired safety-orange name mark logo. They then collaborated to draft a new website UI/UX, a professional, one-page design and needed a website designer to piece together the final vision.

Wylie Bakers' website at the time was a WordPress site with a table-style design dependent on text and navigational buttons. The website was beginning to look dated and bare. The new site would strategize this content into dynamic page sections with a bold backdrop of landscape imagery and brand colors.

The new single-page website offers a more streamlined user experience, where visitors can rely on anchor links, accordions, and animations to interact with essential information about Wylie Baker. The page has a linear design direction that reveals the Wylie Baker firm, its services, its team, and an interactive contact form.

Caol also professionally optimized creative assets to fit the website for a continuous, professional look. Wylie Bakers' brand colors were refined and streamlined for visual contrast. Caol reinforced the site type accessibility through balanced weight changes, hierarchal sizing, and luminance.

Overall the new website is more inviting and gives a more instant, concise overview of the firm. The landing page sections guide visitors to take the next step by learning more about the firm or inquiring about services.

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